Adventures in 3D sound

SURROUND is a workshop that goes beyond the traditional speaker setup and explores the possibilities of positioning sounds in a physical space. Combining digital audio plugins, multichannel recording and playback setups, participants get a chance to design sounds that travel, swirl and create 3D sound images using a surround PA setup with four speakers and a subwoofer. How does a sound move in a virtual and physical space? What tools can you use to automate movement? How can you control the depth and ratio of these parameters? What frequencies create intensity? Besides covering various creative approaches, tools and techniques - these are just a few topics that are extensively covered during the workshop and put to great use for creating a series of recordings, sounds and ultimately, a public presentation of the results. A hands-on journey in discovering methods of unconventional music making, spatial placement of sound and dynamic team work.

SURROUND in a nutshell

  • 1-3 days hands-on workshop
  • A chance to create and record music on a surround sound system
  • Perfect for recording artists, music tech enthusiasts, students
  • Masterclasses in music technology, sound design, studio techniques
  • Personal and group coaching
  • Extensive Ableton Live course

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