From studio to stage

KLUSTER explores working with analogue and digital music instruments such as synthesizers, software, sound generators, effects and computers to ultimately create a one-off collaborative live performance. In the three-day workshop, participants are encouraged to bring their favorite tool to join the endless possibilities of creating sound and exploring the world of electronic music and synchronization of visuals. Bringing ideas, sounds and songs from the studio to stage and together constructing a unique performance with build-up, suspense and strong delivery. This is a group effort with lots of hands-on experiments, jam sessions and healthy discussions about music and performance art!

KLUSTER in a nutshell

  • 3 Days intensive workshop
  • Perfect for seminars, intensive weeks, exchange projects
  • A chance to learn and perform on stage with likeminded artists
  • Masterclasses in music technology and playing live
  • Personal and group coaching

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