iDiD Digital Signage

The look and feel of digital signage systems

iDiD is software as a service (SaaS) for managing, publishing and editing digital content from within a mobile or desktop web browser and app. The service gives users the flexibility to display images, video, animation and web content on information screens and mobile devices. Digital signage has been bound to happen in today's public spaces, transportation systems, daycares, schools, corporate buildings just to name a few and is used for information, advertising, entertainment and merchandising to targeted audiences.

Digital Signage Solution

Product presentation for iDiD digital signage and the highlighted features: creating, managing, scheduling, and synchronising digital content. The ease of use, intuitive workflow and multi-platform compatibility fell right into place when deciding on an audiovisual style that is condensed yet informative. Incorporating 3D animation, catchy music and on-point sounddesign make for a quick and modern explainer.


ConnectingTalents started in 2005 specialised in web-design, print, marketing and communications. With the rapid growth of technology and modernisation of society, the company developed a solution for digital advertising, content management and quickly grew in a digital-exclusive developer with personality and character. This video paints a picture of the agile, approachable agency and their services.

iDiD Logo

The iDiD logo found its voice from a combination of simple reveal animation of the circular shape and memorable sound-design. The sounds and music are based on the Morse code of the letters iDiD. The short bleeps represent each letter sequentially, while a playful melody and short bleep indicate the digital nature of the service.

Brand Identity Overhaul

When the iDiD brand colours transformed from purple to modern blue, so were all service related assets required to align to a new style and brand identity. I have developed and designed this identity with a comprehensive brand book, brochures, instruction manuals, social media, marketing assets, web, newsletters and material for trade fairs.


With over 4000 users in 10 countries, iDiD software runs in a wide variety of settings and locations. And so does the team: installing hardware on location, providing weekly trainings, demo sessions and supporting customers on-line and on-location. I have built a substantial pool of user-case photo’s, video’s and real-life examples of the software in action and outlining the possibilities and potential of digital signage systems.

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