Cyber Security Crash Course

Adventures in Cyberland

Executive producer for documentary series (6 episodes) with programmer, children’s book author and TED speaker Linda Liukas exploring the wonders of cyber security. The series explains in simple terms what kind of threats are out there, why they are so difficult to spot and stop, and what you can do to detect and respond to modern cyber attacks. Linda meets the brightest minds in the field of cyber security to learn what type of cyber threats are out there and why modern breaches are so difficult to stop. She agrees to let cyber security experts hack her, travels to Poland to find out how to detect and respond to breaches and how cyber security can benefit from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Project supervising, briefing and advisory
  • Guiding and coordinating creative agencies and stakeholders
  • Budget and marketing planning
  • Global SoMe marketing campaign
  • Hands-on control over every aspect of production
  • YouTube content manager


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